Japan’s Historic Sites”Former GORIN church:Candidate for UNESCO’s World Heritage”(1/2)(世界遺産候補 旧五輪教会)

【[ENG SUB]Informative travel report by National licensed guide-interpreter】
This church is one of the oldest wooden churches in Japan. It was built by HIRAYAMA KAMETAROU, a carpenter of TANOURA,this island in 1881, and was transferred here in 1931. The exterior of this building looks like a typical Japanese wooden flat house except for the attached windows. On the contrary,the atmosphere inside the structure is that of a typical church with Gothic style altars,bat shaped ceiling and a three-sectioned hall. And so, this church is an important architectural asset for learning the history of church construction in Japan!!
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It’s travel report by the channel of GOTO ISLANDS,which is the special channel literally focusing on the highlights of this magnificent archipelago of GOTO ISLANDS. GOTO ISLANDS, or GOTO RETTOU in Japanese, literally means 5 major islands of archipelago, is made up of 140 islands including 5major ones represented by FUKUE-jima island which is the largest one among them. GOTO RETTOU, on the east China sea,100 km off the coast of NAGASAKI city in western KYUSYU,abounds in many, many scenic and historic sites. In terms of scenic beauty,GOTO RETTOU is designated as SAIKAI National Park noted for its magnificent archipelago seascape???. Additionally,in terms of historic sites, some places are designated as JAPAN HERITAGE(governmental designation),and others are registered on the tentative list of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage!!
Accordingly, I think few places in Japan can rival this archipelago’s wealth of historic and scenic sites.
So,that’s why I decided to open this channel to send you travel report on this amazing archipelago by utilizing my knowledge as licensed guide.

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