Mario Tozzi: A collection of 46 works (HD)

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Mario Tozzi: A collection of 46 works (HD)

Description: “Born in Fossombrone 1895, first established chemical studies, in 1913 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna along with the likes of Giorgio Morandi and Osvaldo Licini. In 1919 he married a young French university and settled in Paris, where he later became part of that group of young artists who had taken refuge in the French capital to escape totalitarianism that were forming in other European countries. There it made the acquaintance of Filippo De Pisis, Giorgio de Chirico, Alberto Savinio, and Gino Severini who were known as the group “Les Italiens de Paris” and they worked pursuing a free painting as long as modern. The reference figures were Pablo Picasso, Matisse and Braque that they did not impose their style but urged artists from around the world to pursue an autonomous art in Paris and original endemically. Tozzi however, was not unmoved at Italian art movements like “Novecento” and “Plastic Values” and worked still immersed in the climate of the return to order with monumental figures from geometrized volumes.”


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