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What to do in Bogota, Colombia? For starters, you can explore its 20 districts. However, only 7 of them are worth visiting. Each of these seven districts has a distinct character that makes it worth visiting.

The best things to do in Bogota are in the districts of La Candelaria, Chapinero, El Salitre, La Macarena, Parque de la 93, San Victorino, and Usaquén.

What To Do In Bogota, Colombia

La Candelaria is the first neighborhood established in Bogota by colonial Spain, making it the oldest neighborhood in the city. Bogota was founded as the capital of Colombia in the area on 1538. Bogota’s territory extended outwardly from La Candelaria since then but the neighborhood still has the same historic charm. Here you will find many of the things to do in Bogota.

La Candelaria’s cobblestone streets and old colonial homes are among the must-see attractions in Bogota. Historic squares, churches, and colonial public buildings are also Bogota tourist spots within the neighborhood. The historic landmarks in La Candelaria are alternated by modern buildings which gave rise to the financial district. There are Bogota tours are offered by many travel operators in La Candelaria.

When asking what to do in Bogota, look no further than La Candelaria if you want to see many remarkable sights in a short span of time.

Just north of La Candelaria is Chapinero. It is where the newest buildings of Bogota are located. Also known as the “new downtown”, The Chapinero neighborhood is where the best restaurants in Bogota are located. The restaurants are concentrated around Zona G and serve a variety of international cuisines at a hefty price.

Walking is also a delight in the district, particularly around Chicó Reservado, La Cabrera, and El Nogal. Take it as a sightseeing adventure and a great way to avoid getting caught up in traffic. Walking along Chapinero is included in our list of the best things to do in Bogota. As you walk these streets, you will find many eccentric boutiques and shops. Chapinero is therefore an equally exciting place for shopping in Bogota.

Furthermore, the district of Chapinero is defined by its nightlife. It is where you will one of top tourist attractions in Bogota nightlife, Zona Rosa. Hip clubs and bars take over the night scene in Chapinero. A trip to Zona Rosa is advised if you to experience the Bogota nightlife.

The attractions in Bogota are no match for El Salitre when it comes to sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The district is famed for its Football/Soccer Stadium, the Olympic Water Complex which is said to be the largest and most cutting-edge in South America, and other venues where basketball, volleyball, track and field, tennis, and bowling can be enjoyed. City leagues for all aforementioned sports often compete in El Salitre.

Visiting the Simón Bolívar Public Park must also be included in your itinerary or your what to do in Bogota list. The park is typically used as a venue for festivals and open-air concerts. Outdoor activities such as biking, jogging, and kite-flying may also be enjoyed at the Simón Bolívar Public Park. Sports and outdoor venues aside, El Salitre also has a selection of museums and one of the best botanical gardens in South America.

La Macarena is next on the list of must-see districts and top attractions in Bogota, Colombia. While best known for its bullfighting ring, the district is also popular for its bohemian atmosphere. La Macarena has a good number of art galleries and whimsical cafés. You may also find cheaper restaurants here compared to Chapinero. Witnessing a bullfight in La Macarena is an enjoyable activity when you’re planning an itinerary on what to do in Bogota, Colombia.

Parque de la 93 is one of those neighborhoods that doesn’t have much but it has more Bogota attractions compared to most districts. Parque de la 93 is regarded for its trendy clubs and cafés. While Parque de la 93 serves as an alternative to Chapinero for Bogota nightlife, so is San Victorino an alternative option when it comes to shopping. San Victorino district has a lot of cheap stores around the plaza selling all types of goods.

Finally, there is Usaquén. It is last on the list of must-see districts in Bogota. Usaquén has some of the best examples of traditional Colombian architecture which makes sightseeing a what to do in Bogota activity while in the area. The district also has decent bars, restaurants, and shopping spots.

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